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How Fast At-Home EV Charging Works

At-home Fast Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers allow drivers to power their vehicles at home quickly, easily, and affordably. While electric vehicles are a great way to help the environment using clean, renewable energy, finding an electric charging station while out and about can be a challenge. When you do find one, charging is often slow and troublesome. The standard EV chargers that come with most electric vehicles only charge your car at a rate of 5 miles per hour. This eats up far more time and energy than a more efficient Level 2 at-home fast EV charging system.

Advantages of At-Home Fast Electric Charging

At-home electric charging saves drivers in Southern California time and money, and when paired with solar helps the environment with clean, renewable, and sustainable energy. Advantages include:

Faster charging at home
Save Money
Clean energy
Affordable energy
Lower energy rates with SDG&E’s EV-TOU-2 options or SCE EV Time of Use
With a home solar system and a Utility EV Time of Use rate schedule you can often EV-charge your electric car for That’s free driving powered by the sun!


About Fast Charge EV

Fast Charge EV provides expert at-home EV charger installation in San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties. Our expert team helps you to find the right charger for your specific vehicle and energy needs. Because we are a system integrator, we show you a wide range of chargers from different suppliers. We do not manufacture or push any one charger or brand. Instead, we work to find you the charger that fits your needs and budget, always working in your best interest.

Whether you are new to electric car ownership or are seeking a more time and cost-effective solution to charging your electric vehicle, Fast Charge EV can help you find what you’re looking for. To learn more about charging options, installation, and more, please call us today. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!


  • The Fast Charge EV install was quick and easy. Our BMW i3 charges so fast now and we are saving so much with SDG&E since we charge while we sleep.

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  • We were very happy with the great solar system we got from Solar Watt Solutions so when we got an EV we called them for a Fast EV Charger. They installed a Fast Charge EV and changed our SDG&E rate schedule. Our solar now covers our house and car so we drive 12000 absolutely free. Thanks Fast Charge EV.

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