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Choosing an EV Expert Installer

Choosing an EV EXPERT for equipment and installation will save time and money

Most people are creatures of habit when it comes to purchases and often will choose what EV car manufactures provide as a charging solution. This doesn’t always provide the customer the best solution for performance, equipment installation and costs that are specific to their own home.

Most EV car owners often overlook the total costs associated with charging their vehicles. Fast Charge EV has expertise for configuring a total solution. You will benefit from our knowledge regarding utility billing rates, charging equipment and even EV car usage, and installation design.

By using our local Fast Charge EV experts you can benefit with big cost savings. This is better than dealing with other vendors who only provide cookie cutter packages and don’t design for each individual car and home.

Fast Charge EV?

Whether you already own an electric vehicle or are researching which to buy, you can save time and money by exploring the market for the best charger rather than simply purchasing the one your automaker recommends. Automakers partner with certain manufacturers to supply standard Level 1 chargers that are slow and expensive. At Fast Charge EV, we can match you to the right EV charger for your vehicle, design style, home layout, and more. We analyze your home and charging needs in order to help you find the best possible deal.

EV Charger Installation Experts

Electric cars and solar power are two of the leading ways people across the country are going green. But alternative energy technology differs from other electrical installations. At Fast Charge EV, our team of experts can help you select and install the best EV charger for your budget and needs. We account for a variety of factors including your energy consumption needs, garage layout, vehicle model, and future plans. And we specialize in EV technology and solar, always using the most effective installation methods to ensure your total satisfaction.

Why Use A Level 2 Charger and Solar to Power your EV?

Many people choose to drive electric cars as a means of saving energy and saving money. But many standard Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers that come with the car take too long to charge and eat up your electricity. Choosing a Level 2 EV charger cuts down the time it takes to power your vehicle and solar saves on energy cost by using natural, unlimited sunlight. In fact, if the solar system is designed correctly you will not need any more solar panels than it takes to power your house to charge your car too. You will essentially be driving for FREE.

If you’re looking for a better way to charge your electric vehicle, Fast Charge EV can help. We’re proud to serve Southern California as EV charger installation experts. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.