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The Basics of Electric Car Charging

There are many advantages to driving an electric vehicle (EV), including the money and hassle you save skipping the trips to the gas station. But finding an EV charger can be prove a different sort of challenge. The amount of time it takes to recharge your vehicle can also prove inconvenient. Most EV drivers rely on at-home electric car charging to power their automobile. If you are a new EV owner or are preparing to be, here are some basics of electric car charging you need to know:

At-Home EV Charging

The vast majority of electric car charging occurs at home, but the type of charging method used varies. All electric vehicles come with an “onboard charger” as part of the car. You can simply connect the charging cord to an outlet, but plugging into the wall will only power your car in very small, slow measures. The standard EV charger will only power your car at an estimated rate of 4 miles per hour. This is not ideal for drivers with places to be. After all, no one likes to put their plans on pause. Installing Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) can help charge your vehicle faster to get you back on the road.

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What is an EVSE?

An EVSE is what many people refer to when they talk about a home EV charger or home charging station. However, an EVSE is actually any device which connects AC power to the automobile, which is then converted to DC power by the onboard charger, refilling your car’s battery. There are many types of EVSEs available for purchase. The type of EVSE best suited to your needs depends on the vehicle you drive, your energy needs, the layout of your garage, your home, and more.

How to Save on EVSE Installation

You can save on an EVSE by using an expert local installer. Most electric vehicles come with a standard charger from the car manufacturer. However, standard chargers typically only give you 3-5 miles of range per hour of charge. Local expert installers like Fast Charge EV provide a charger system based on your specific electric vehicle and you home. Designing a custom solution not only saves you hundreds of dollars on the installation with fast charging you can save hundreds more off your electricity bill each year. Fast Charge EV helps you select the best EVSE for your needs by accounting for your vehicle model, your energy needs, long-term plans, and more.

Fast Charge EV is proud to help Southern California residents with all of their EVSE installation needs through our expert local EV installers and certified professionals. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.