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The Auto Industry’s Shift Toward Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars to Dominate Automotive Industry

A new survey by KPMG of auto executives revealed the auto industry’s shift toward electric vehicles. The survey found that:

  • 62% see diesel technology dying out
  • 90% expect battery electric vehicles to dominate the market by 2025

Electric vehicles come with numerous advantages including:

  • Clean, renewable power source
  • Runs quietly
  • Drives smoothly and powerfully
  • Home recharging saves time and money


Home EV Charging Stations the Way of the Future

You’ve probably noticed a shift in recent years just by driving around Southern California: more and more electric vehicles are taking to the streets. Yet the number of public EV charging stations remains low by comparison.

The good news is that electric car drivers don’t have to fight to find an EV charger or settle for slow, standard chargers that come with their vehicles. New advancements for home charging stations mean you can power your electric car quickly and affordably, all from the convenience of home.

Electric car charging stations empower drivers to skip the gas station while promoting clean, renewable energy. As the automotive industry shifts towards electric vehicles, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is becoming more convenient and more affordable. The most convenient way to power your electric vehicle is with a Fast Level 2 at-home EV charger.

Save Money and Time with Home Charging Stations

Home charging stations allow drivers to power their vehicles from the convenience of home. When you aren’t driving your car, it simply sits in the driveway. With at-home electric car charging stations, you can be powering your vehicle in that time, saving you the hassle of locating a charger when you’re out and about. Then, the next time you’re ready to drive, your car is fully powered and ready to roll.

Electricity is also a fraction of the cost of gasoline, and with discount EV Time-of-Use rates Click Here to see how you can save even more!

Learn more about why at-home EVSE is the way of the future by exploring our website or contacting Fast Charge EV today!