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Solar Powered EV Chargers San Diego

You already know that electric charging for your car is a great way to use renewable energy and save money on powering your vehicle. But you might not know about all the benefits of using solar-powered EV chargers.

How It Works

Solar-powered EV chargers consists of two parts: a solar electric system and a Level 2 EV charging station. A Level 2 charger can fully power your vehicle in just 2 to 6 hours using your home’s solar power system. Think about all the time your car simply sits in your driveway or garage. With solar-powered EV charging, your car can be fueling up on renewable energy in the time you aren’t driving it, saving you the time and money spent at the gas pump.

With the cost of electric cars and the cost of solar power dropping all the time, now is the perfect opportunity to switch to a 100% renewable, clean energy way to power your transportation.

In fact when the solar system is configured correctly to take advantage of the utility rate credits you don’t need to add any additional panels to a solar system in order to also take care of charging our electric vehicle. This means you can power and drive your car for free.

Going Green, Saving Green

With solar and electric power together, you are supporting a 100% clean and green way of powering your home and car. You can also take advantage of many state and federal tax credits to save on solar energy costs. Read how solar and electric energy could save you on monthly bills and serve as a lasting investment.

Choosing the Right System for You

When choosing a solar-powered EV charger, you should first have a solar expert ensure the solar energy system is sufficient for the needs of your home and vehicle. You should also determine whether your energy needs will increase in the future in order to select a system best suited to help you long-term. If you need any assistance selecting a solar energy system or a charger suited for your EV needs, Fast Charge EV’s expert team are here to help you with everything from selection to installation. Give us a call today to learn more!